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We know there are hundreds of other hypnotherapy courses out there; some offering convenient online training, others offering certification in a shorter time at a lower tuition fee, some that even allow you to train on your own time with pre-recorded videos.

To further add to the confusion, many other courses claim to be accredited by associations, some with very impressive, official sounding titles. Unfortunately, with many of those associations the membership criteria are minimal, often simply filling out a form and paying the membership fee. Shockingly, ARCH Canada is the only association that requires a criminal background check with a vulnerable sector.

Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest growing therapies in Canada and, in an unregulated, unstandardized industry there are many who see the profit potential from those with a genuine desire to make a career out of helping people with this profoundly healing modality.

Deciding on where to invest your time and money can be challenging, we get it. We want you to make the right choice for you.  To help make the most informed decision possible we have compiled a helpful list of questions (and included our answers) for you to ask all the training providers you are considering:

The Canadian Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy has the unique status as an accredited program with ARCH Canada, providing peace of mind that your educational experience will be the highest quality available. This complete curriculum is in constant review to maintain these high standards and to insure that the training is always up to date.

Our training program exceeds the highest training standards Accredited by ARCH Canada. In addition to registration and accreditation with and by ARCH Canada, successful graduates well exceed the requirements for membership with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and The National Guild of Hypnotists

Clinical Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest growing modalities in alternative and complimentary medicine. The increasing demand for Hypnotherapists has seen the birth of thousands of on line certification programs. Choosing the one that is going to provide a return on your investment and adequately prepare you for a fulfilling and successful career can be challenging at best.


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The right instructor

Choose an instructor with extensive training and experience not just in the art of Hypnotherapy and human behavior but in mentoring, training and business applications


A program that blends In person and online classes is vital for mastery in Hypnosis and hypnotherapy training. Graduate “knowing that” and “knowing how”. As well, our commitment to ongoing mentoring goes a long way in ensuring the future success of our grads.


Protect your investment by taking hypnotherapy training accredited by a Canadian association with international recognition and acknowledgement by healthcare professionals.



There are thousands of hypnotherapy training programs out there. CACHYYC offers a professional, career training program that is thorough in all categories.

If you can answer yes to most or all of these questions, this could be the right career for you:

  • Have you often been told you are easy to talk to?
  • Do you have a passion for helping people heal and grow?
  • Are you really curious about the concept of the subconscious and conscious mind?
  • Are you confident and comfortable meeting and talking to strangers
  • Have you always been fascinated by human behavior and what makes people tick?
  • Do you dream about the freedom to choose your own working hours?
  • Are you comfortable with financial and professional success?
  • Are you fascinated by hypnosis, dreams, and neuroplasticity?


We value feedback from graduates. See what people are saying about this course:

Louise Van Arnam

Such a fantastic academy. I highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking high quality training.

Sonja Tkachuk

I just spent the last year studying the ARCH accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy course. The course was taught by Robin Popwich and it was thorough, intensive and tough. Having said all that, I never enjoyed a course more and I credit Robin for keeping us on track and teaching us how to become successful hypnotherapists. She not only answered questions on the basics, but was extremely knowledgeable on the workings of the mind and brain. I graduated from the course feeling confident and excited about my future. Thank you so much Robin!

Eliot Hoppe

Robin is a caring and passionate Clinical Hypnotherapist and a seasoned hypnosis trainer. I highly recommend her services.

Jordan Scheffelmaier

I was fortunate enough to do the ARCH accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training with Robin Popowich through the Mountain View Wellness Academy. Her knowledge, expertise and real-life examples really helped enhance the extensive and thorough training of the program. Not only does she emphasize the training, but also helps you put it into practice given she’s had a successful practice for many many years. I really felt like I left that course prepared in MANY ways to embrace my role as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. If you are looking for training in this field, I highly recommend doing it with Robin. I also did Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions with her and had lots of very positive shifts. Whether you’re seeking support as a client or interested in a career in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I can’t recommend her enough.

Lou-Anne Amabili

I did my Clinical Hypnotherapy course with Robin. The course was extensive and Robin delivered the material with many stories and live sessions. Though C-19 made it impossible to meet in person, Robin made things work for her students. Knowing that Robin had a flourishing practice gave me confidence that she was the right teacher for me. I find myself 1 year post certification, and loving what I do as my work. Debating whether this is the right course for you? just go for it!

Cochrane Yoga

Robin’s vast experience in the field of Hypnotherapy becomes obvious when she’s teaching. She’s truly a fountain of knowledge and has a lot to offer to her students. Her teaching style is super professional and she has a gift of making classes interesting and fun!

Maryrose Gutierrez

Signing up for The Canadian Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy program was one of the best decisions I have made. I had already been through several different hypnotherapy programs in the past and this one hands down is the best. The amount of theory and material delivered through readings and in person, coupled with the required practicum hours will most definitely prepare you for working with clients who present with a variety of concerns.

Robins passion and enthusiasm for hypnotherapy is refreshing and her experience and knowledge has been so inspiring. Robin responds to any questions promptly and you always feel guided and supported. Thank you so much Robin!

Amy Schaefer

Robin is beyond knowledgeable on all material taught. She brings a wealth of background education and knowledge to all classes. The hands on and in class demonstrations are so valuable to truly understand the material. I feel I cannot accurately put into words how much support I’ve had, and know I have going forward!

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