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Are you considering a career in Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist Training Program

Mountain View Wellness Academy’s unique status as an accredited program with ARCH Canada provides peace of mind that your educational experience will be of the highest quality available. This complete curriculum is in constant review to maintain these high standards and to insure that the training is always up to date.

Registered Clinical Hynotherapist Training

Clinical Hypnotherapy is one of the fastest growing modalities in alternative and complimentary medicine. The increasing demand for Hypnotherapists has seen the birth of thousands of on line certification programs. Choosing the one that is going to provide a return on your investment and adequately prepare you for a fulfilling and successful career can be challenging at best.

How To Choose A Hypnotherapy Training Program:

  • Choose a program that is accredited by an association with standards that are recognized and respected by medical professionals and health benefits providers. Mountain View Wellness graduates are accredited by ARCH Canada and registration includes membership with RITMA  which in turn qualifies them to issue receipts for client reimbursement from their insurance benefits providers (with applicable coverage). ARCH Canada’s recognition and affiliation with the Association Of Counseling Therapy and Fact Alberta means registered graduates are recognized by other medical professionals. This recognition is crucial in a referral based industry like ours.
  • Choose a live, thorough program that provides all aspects of training from the foundational protocols to the latest in neuroplasticity and psychotherapy techniques. The MVW curriculum is constantly being evaluated and updated to provide the most relevant training in all aspects of neuro plasticity and psychotherapy
  • Choose an Instructor with extensive training and experience not just in the art of Hypnotherapy and human behavior but in mentoring, training and business applications. Robin has over 25 years of experience in marketing, business management and private practice building management. Robin’s approach to teaching is entertaining and enhanced with real life examples and real time demonstrations.
  • Choose a program that offers relevant, ongoing support – all MVW graduates of the RCH program have included with their tuition 12 months of membership in Best Practices for Practice Building, a supportive mentorship program details here.
  • Choose a program that will prepare you to help any client with any presenting issue. Learning the protocols and steps to effectively construct a client case study and effective client planning is just the beginning. ARCH Accredited training
  • Choose a program with opportunities to grow within your practice. ARCH Canada Clinical Hypnotherapists may choose to upgrade their education to Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist.


 Can anyone be a Hypnotherapist?


As previously mentioned, there are thousands of hypnotherapy training programs. Mountain View  Wellness Academy offers a professional, career training program that is thorough in all categories.

When deciding if this is the right career path for you, you may also want to consider, is a career in clinical hypnotherapy right for you?  

If you can answer yes to most or all of these questions, then chances are good you could enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist 

  • You’ve always been told you are easy to talk to
  • You enjoy people and have a passion for helping them heal and grow
  • You have had personal experience and are passionate about clinical hypnotherapy
  • You are confident and comfortable meeting and talking to strangers
  • You are fascinated by human behavior and what makes people tick
  • You are ready to for the freedom to choose your own working hours
  • You are comfortable with financial and professional success
  • You are fascinated by hypnosis, dreams, and neuroplasticity


Tuition fee is $4995.00 (plus applicable taxes). Payment plans are available; a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is due upon registration. All tuition and fees must be paid in full before any certificate of completion can be issued.

​Note: Tuition does not include registration fee, textbooks, accommodations or association membership fees.

Clinical Hypnotherapy 

The training required to be a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist cannot be taken in a weekend, a week or online.

Mountain View Wellness Academy is the only Clinical Hypnotherapy training program in Southern Alberta accredited by the Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ARCH Canada).

How long does training take?

Accredited training is 11 months from start to the writing of the final exam. Over a thousand hours of training is involved, including 100 hours of supervised practicum, reading and writing assignments, and live class training.

Additional Benefits

All graduates are offered a full year of follow up monthly workshops, unlimited email access and weekly one on one live support . This program is offered to non graduates at an annual fee of $1695.00 plus GST.

Why is the training so long?

This is a career building program designed to insure graduates have thorough training and confidence to not only build successful practices but to also to provide the very best in Client care.

Why Is Registering With ARCH Canada so important?

As Hypnotherapy grows in popularity, so does education of the public. In an unregulated industry registration with ARCH Canada assures your clients and referring medical professionals that you have met the training required.

ARCH Canada registered therapists are also members of RITMA and are the only Hypnotherapists recognized by health benefits providers (with applicable coverage).

Building a practice can be challenging, you take your hypnotherapy certification, hang up your shingle and wait for the clients to come rolling in. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. Easy yes, simple no.

The therapy industry is unique in that it is referral based. The good news is, referrals are free. The bad news, aquiring enough referrals to build a full time practice can take years.

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ARCH Canada is an accrediting body for Clinical Hypnotherapists and Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapists.

Unlike other Associations ARCH does not accept insufficiently trained Hypnotherapists, they only take the best.

ARCH Accredited training is extensive and learning from a qualified instructor with their own successful private practice assures you and your clients that you have exceeded the skills necessary to be successful in this career.

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