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Years of Experience

Robin Popowich

For over a decade Robin Popowich has owned and operated her own thriving private Clinical Hypnotherapy practice. In addition to her extensive training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, she has also spent the last decade studying human behavior with a focus on trauma and neuropsychotherapy.

Robin holds a diploma in Advanced Psychotherapy and has extensive training and multiple designations and certifications through the Institute of Neuropsychotherapy (Mediros) and the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.

Robin has been teaching the ARCH Canada Accredited and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy program since 2018 and is the owner/operator of The Canadian Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy. As well, Robin sits on the ARCH Canada board of directors and is actively involved in her community through various philanthropic endeavors.

Sonja Tkachuk

Sonja has been studying and practicing hypnotherapy since her first certification course in 2009. In addition to her hypnotherapy training and experience, Sonja brings to her private practice and classes over 30 years of experience in the health care industry.

Sonja brings to her classes a passion for helping people learn not just the skills necessary to become an amazing hypnotherapist but also all the tools necessary to build a successful private practice.

She takes a holistic approach in her delivery of the course material ensuring each student’s learning style is considered. Sonja’s passion for hypnotherapy is transparent and shines through during her lessons.
In 2012, Sonja’s son suffered a devastating and life-threatening severe stroke. The knowledge she gained through helping her son relearn and retrain his brain is a critical element she employs to teach others about the fascinating abilities of the brain and our sub-conscious mind.


Years of Experience

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