For over a decade Robin Popowich has owned and operated her own thriving private Clinical Hypnotherapy practice. In addition to her extensive training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, she has also spent the last decade studying human behavior with a focus on trauma and neuropsychotherapy.

Robin holds a diploma in Advanced Psychotherapy and has extensive training and multiple designations and certifications through the Institute of Neuropsychotherapy (Mediros) and the National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.

Robin has been teaching the ARCH Canada Accredited and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy program since 2018 and is the owner/operator of The Canadian Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy. As well, Robin sits on the ARCH Canada board of directors and is actively involved in her community through various philanthropic endeavors.

Robin’s passion for Clinical Hypnotherapy is contagious, she brings to her classes the benefits of her extensive training in all aspects of human behavior and clinical hypnotherapy as well as the wealth of knowledge gleaned from years of experience in her own successful private practice. Robin’s teaching style is thorough yet relaxed and her sense of humor and sharing of actual case examples makes training with her interesting and fun. In addition to her extensive practical experience and training, Robin teaches her students not to rely on the use of scripts to help their clients, setting her training offerings apart from any other.

In addition to teaching the art of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Robin also provides the necessary instruction in the business aspect of building a successful practice. Her students benefit from her personal practice building training and experience as well as over 25 years of formal education and professional experience in business management with a focus on marketing, business development and growth.

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