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In-Person Training in Calgary, AB

The Canadian Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy

(Formerly and briefly operating as Mountain View Wellness Academy), established in 2018 by Robin Popowich RCHt.

As an ARCH Canada accredited instructor, Robin never struggled to fill her classes but as a mentor to struggling non ARCH accredited hypnotherapists, she found herself frustrated by the overwhelming amount of non standardized, unaccredited and often inadequate training available on the market. Just as hypnotherapy is unregulated in Canada, so too is the training to become a hypnotherapist.

Robin’s dream and vision was to create a collective of ARCH Canada accredited instructors who shared the same passion for our industry and who could combine their knowledge and experience while working independently as their own business entities, the ultimate goal being to elevate and standardize training in Canada.

The Canadian Academy of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a collective of ARCH Canada registered Clinical Hypnotherapists across Canada who have been accepted and trained as certified instructors of the ARCH Canada Clinical Hypnotherapy training program.  It’s important to note that ARCH Canada’s high standards don’t just apply to registered therapists, those standards are just as high and must be met to even apply to train as an accredited instructor. 

Creating the collective under the Academy umbrella helps us provide the best training possible for future successful Clinical Hypnotherapists. Working independently yet as part of a group assures our students benefit from extensive combined practical experience training, over 50 years!

Anyone can teach you to “know that” but without the benefit of applied combined practical experience how will you learn to “know how”?

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Class Locations

Calgary / Victoria / Winnipeg / Saskatoon / Montreal