successful graduates

This list contains the information of just some of our successful graduates. The list may not include new graduates with incomplete contact information.

Sonja Tkachuk

Hypnotherapy by Sonja
Courtney, BC
[email protected]

Denise Daudelin

Soulful Swan Hypnotherapy
Areas of specialty: Postpartum, Depression, and Birthing
Airdrie, AB
[email protected]

Eliot hoppe

Paramount Learning Systems Inc.
Areas of specialty: Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Smoking Cessation, Phobia
Calgary, AB
[email protected]

Louise Van Arnam

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Areas of specialty: Men's Mental Health, Trauma
Olds, AB
[email protected]

Jenn Price-Jones

Calgary Healing Hypnosis
Areas of specialty: Anxiety, Depression and Medical Issues
Calgary, AB
[email protected]

Lou-Anne Amabili

Areas of specialty: Emotional & Physical pain, Limiting beliefs, Anxiety, Life Transitions
Montreal, QC
[email protected]

Jo Scheffelmaier

La Luna Within
Areas of specialty: Empowering you to embody your Sacred Feminine. Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Repeating Patterns
Calgary, AB
[email protected]

Pamela Meyer

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Areas of specialty: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Addiction, Trauma, Chronic Pain/Health and Grief
Calgary, AB
[email protected]

Yasmeen(Nadiya) Manji

Curacion Inc.
Areas of specialty: Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Insomnia. Intuitive Life Coach, Grand Reiki Master
Calgary, AB
[email protected]

Jonathan Taylor

Areas of specialty: Anxiety, Men's Mental Health, Preparation and Integration of Psychedelic Therapy
Calgary, AB
[email protected]

Alana Belik

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching
Areas of specialty: Anxiety, depression, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-actualization
Edmonton, AB
[email protected]

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