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What is the difference between a Hypnotherapist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

In short, a hypnotherapist has basic training and is generally qualified to do weight loss, smoking cessation, stress relief, habit breaking etc. While a Clinical Hypnotherapist has extensive training in helping clients discover the root cause of their presenting issues and achieve permanent results. It should be noted that ARCH Canada only regulates and accredits Clinical Hypnotherapy designations.

Are there additional modules required to purchase in order to be a full time practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist?

No. This course is extensive and complete. It includes everything you need to not only help your clients with any presenting issues but also everything required to build a thriving, successful private practice. Included with tuition is 1 full year of business and client case mentoring at no additional cost.

Is it possible to have a full-time career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Yes. Like any private therapy practice, it takes time to build a full time Clinical Hypnotherapy practice. Our training includes everything you need to know in order to be a successful fulltime therapist with a flourishing, rewarding practice.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. Convenient and affordable payment plans are available. You can customize your payments to suit your personal circumstances. Apply Here

Why is registration with ARCH Canada so important?

ARCH Canada is recognized by the therapeutic and medical professional industry. In order to have a consistently full-time practice, referrals from those industries are vital. As well, ARCH Canada is actively working to increase and maintain the standards of our industry and build ongoing relationships with medical professional associations and insurance providers.

Why is in person training so important?

An important aspect of Clinical Hypnotherapy is connecting with our clients and developing the ability to read the subtle subconscious, visual and intuitive cues that can only be taught in person. In person training also enhances the development of relationships of community amongst your peers.

Why is the program so long compared to others?

Helping your clients heal and achieve permanent changes cannot be taught strictly online or in a condensed program. Throughout the 11 months of training a supervised practicum of 100 hours is required to assist with any and all questions that may arise. Online and condensed training programs hinder the reputation and recognition of Clinical Hypnotherapy rather than enhance it.

What if I have certified elsewhere and want to be registered with ARCH Canada?

It is possible to upgrade your education to meet the standards required for registration with ARCH Canada. Read about our Upgrade Program  

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