Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is…

  • Root Cause Therapy
  • Trauma Informed Therapy
  • Belief Repatterning Therapy
  • Neuro Rewiring Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a form of neuro-psychotherapy with roots in existing evidence-based therapies.

Extensively trained Clinical Hypnotherapists utilize the brain’s own ability to rewire, heal and process trauma by incorporating a “hypnotic trance” which, simply put, bypasses the conscious mind and existing beliefs which inhibit healing and change going right to the source of all our beliefs and behaviours, the subconscious mind.

Clinical Hypnotherapy incorporates a combination of protocols and techniques used in many other traditional psychotherapies but works directly with the subconscious mind (the source) to reprogram the way in which traumatic memories and images are stored in the brain so that they no longer trigger strong physical and emotional reactions. Working in this beautiful state of the deepest relaxation doesn’t just facilitate healing but does so without retraumatizing the client.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is safe, evidence based and nothing like what is sensationalized in movies or demonstrated in stage shows.

Any Training Prerequisites?

The only prerequisites for training to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist are an interest in human behaviour and a passion for helping people. We’ll teach you the rest.

Is more training required upon completion of this course?

Our training is extensive and complete not only to help our graduates work with all presenting issues within the scope of their practice but also providing a business component managing and building their practices. However, we know that learning is a lifelong journey, ARCH Canada offers ongoing training in the form of Mastermind workshops offered free of charge several times a year. As well, registered members have access to a data base of thousands of hours of training and related materials.

Why is in person training so important?

An important aspect of Clinical Hypnotherapy is connecting with our clients and developing the ability to read the subtle subconscious, visual and intuitive cues that can only be taught in person. In person training also enhances the development of relationships of community amongst your peers.

What are the requirements for becoming an instructor?

Our instructors had to apply for acceptance into ARCH Canada’s Instructor Training Program. The application process is in keeping with ARCH’s high standards and includes the requirement of previous training experience as well as proof of the applicant’s extensive experience as a full time practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist. It is the only way our students are assured that their education is being provided by extensively trained and experienced instructors.

Is this Certification Internationally Recognized?

ARCH Canada holds an International Reciprocal Alliance with the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association (AHA), the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) in the UK for the promotion of excellence in the Profession of Hypnotherapy internationally. In addition to international recognition, our training exceeds the requirements, and our graduates can join other relevant associations including the International Medical & Dental Hypno-therapy Association, the International Association of Counselors & Therapists, and the National Guild of Hypnotists (just to name a few).

What is the importance of supervised practicum?

As students learn various techniques, they then practice those techniques on volunteers in class and on their own with access to the instructor for guidance and help when and if needed. Supervised practicum helps students graduate confident in their abilities.

Are there opportunities for further professional growth?

ARCH Canada offers room for career growth with opportunities for further training to upgrade to Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapist (RCCH).  ARCH Canada is a recognized Association by Fact-Alberta and Fact-BC After a year of full time practice and Registration in good standing with ARCH, Instructor applications are also accepted.

How often is the curriculum updated?

Updating curriculum is a daunting task, especially given the amount of information in our program. The most recent was March 2023 and includes the most up to date, study-based modules on PTSD, Complex-PTSD, Root Cause Therapy, Belief Repatterning Therapy, And Neuro-Rewiring Therapy. The next update will be determined by significant changes to published research findings.

Does the duration of training matter?

If your career goals involve being a Clinical Hypnotherapist or adding Clinical Hypnotherapy as an adjunct to your existing practice, it would be impossible to learn how to help clients discover and heal from the root cause of their symptoms or make any permanent changes to heal from trauma and better the quality of their lives in just a few weeks. Career training should also include a business building component. What’s the point of learning a therapy if you don’t know how to attract clients? 

Does this training meet the requirements of insurance benefits providers?

Coverage varies from plan to plan, province to province. Upon registration with ARCH, our graduates receive a registration number that is required on receipts. In several eastern Canadian provinces, most insurance benefits providers are covering Clinical Hypnotherapy (with appropriate coverage) under the discipline “Naturotherapy”. Their guidelines are 1000 hours of training including practicum and a minimum of 50 hours in person training. The association recognized by those insurance probers is RITMA. Our Academy is a recognized training provider by the RITMA group and ARCH Canada is a recognized Partner/Collaborator. More n them here:

Long story short, there is the expectation of coverage eventually being accepted in western Canada as well with the same educational requirements.

What is the importance of learning to work without scripts?

Our students are taught the foundation of the work we do, in a way that is client intuitive and client-centric. Our students are taught to customize therapy to resonate with the client with their needs, goals, and personality in mind. Scripts are generic and clients can tell when they are being read to which undermines the belief and confidence in the therapist’s abilities. Obviously that can be a detriment to the effectiveness of the therapy sessions.

What is the difference between a Hypnotherapist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

In short, a hypnotherapist has basic training and is generally qualified to do weight loss, smoking cessation, stress relief, habit breaking etc. While a Clinical Hypnotherapist has extensive training in helping clients discover the root cause of their presenting issues and achieve permanent results. It should be noted that ARCH Canada only regulates and accredits Clinical Hypnotherapy designations.

Are there additional modules required to purchase in order to be a full time practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist?

No. This course is extensive and complete. It includes everything you need to not only help your clients with any presenting issues but also everything required to build a thriving, successful private practice. Included with tuition is 1 full year of business and client case mentoring at no additional cost.

Is it possible to have a full-time career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Yes. Like any private therapy practice, it takes time to build a full time Clinical Hypnotherapy practice. Our training includes everything you need to know in order to be a successful fulltime therapist with a flourishing, rewarding practice.

How much do Clinical Hypnotherapists make?

While earnings depend on how much you want to work, on average Hypnotherapists charge $150.00 per session and average between 15-25 sessions per week so potential earnings are $2250.00-$3750.00 weekly. Most students graduate with a handful of paying clients a week before they even start the marketing taught in the course.

What is the investment cost for the course?

The course is $5495.00 + applicable taxes

Are payment plans available?

Yes. Convenient and affordable payment plans are available. You can customize your payments to suit your personal circumstances.

Why is registration with ARCH Canada so important?

ARCH Canada is recognized by the therapeutic and medical professional industry. In order to have a consistently full-time practice, referrals from those industries are vital. As well, ARCH Canada is actively working to increase and maintain the standards of our industry and build ongoing relationships with medical professional associations and insurance providers.

What if I have certified elsewhere and want to be registered with ARCH Canada?

It is possible to upgrade your education to meet the standards required for registration with ARCH Canada. Read about our Upgrade Program  

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