Mentoring for Hypnotherapists

Best Practices For Practice Building

Whether you’re a newly Certified Hypnotherapist just beginning your journey to building a thriving, successful practice or whether your existing private practice feels stagnant and needs refreshing, this indispensable mentoring program aims to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

You can expect ongoing mentoring and support through lively and educational virtual live mastermind meetings (monthly), one on one personal mentoring sessions (weekly) and unlimited access via email.

  • Full year enrollment
    Included with registered clinical hypnotherapy tuition
  • 6 Month enrollment
  • 1 Month Enrollment

Building practice guide

Building a practice can be challenging, you take your hypnotherapy certification, hang up your shingle and wait for the clients to come rolling in. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. Easy yes, simple no.

The therapy industry is unique in that it is referral based. The good news is, referrals are free. The bad news, acquiring enough referrals to build a full time practice can take years.

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