Clinical Hypnotherapist Training Program

Course Outline

This training program is divided into three levels:

  • Basic Hypnosis
  • Advanced Hypnosis
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (Certification)

All levels include academic and practical hands-on approaches to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Through demonstrations, live classes and the inclusion of real life case studies students will learn mastery in techniques that are client-centered through a teaching method that is diversified and student-centered.

hours of supervised practicum
hours of total training time
Months to completion

brief outline of each Level

Level 100

The objective of this first basic level is to train the students in the use of modern and classic techniques of hypnosis.

Level 200

Objective of this advanced level is to train the students in advanced techniques of hypnosis and greater understanding of how the Mind works

Level 300

The objective of this final certification level is mastery of protocols and interventions as well as preparedness for private practice



A professionally curated hybrid of live zoom and experiential in  person training designed to optimize learning and prevent zoom fatigue


The next scheduled training starts March 19th, 2022

Only 15Spots

Class size is limited to enhance student experience and learning

What does being ARCH Certified mean?

We have a unique status as an accredited program with ARCH Canada, which provides peace of mind that your training is the highest quality available.

Unlike other Associations ARCH does not accept insufficiently trained Hypnotherapists, they only take the best.

In an unregulated industry, ARCH Canada assures your clients and referring medical professionals that you have met the training required.

ARCH Canada registered therapists are also members of RITMA and are the only Hypnotherapists recognized by health benefits providers (with applicable coverage).

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